Friday, February 28, 2014

Annnnnnd ACTION!!

YAY! I'm so excited to have my own blog!! I have been wanting to do this for awhile, but just haven't sat down and gotten to it. Funny since I currently follow no less than 12 blogs religiously... I have them all saved as favorites and I have to look at them in a certain order every day. OCD.

Basically I want to use this blog to have kind of a running time line of what we do here at our house... Something we can look back on and have forever.  One blogger I follow does this and she said you can print it off as a book at the end of the year (just like I plan to do with the last 7 years worth of pics...) Time really does go sofast. The days are long but the years are short kind of thing (Just told Jordan that's how I feel and he was like huh??) I'm terrible at keeping up with the boys' baby books and such, so hopefully I'll do better at this. Being a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom - sometimes Stay-at-Home-Mad, rarely Saint-Angel-Helluva-Mother) can get kind of trying at times and I think this will help me look at the big picture of what a blessing this opportunity is for us, not the never ending yelling, screaming, crying, begging for nap time (all of these by me) that it seems to be.

This morning, I had the opportunity to think in the shower (vs. rushing through while 2-3 screaming boys are waiting on the other side of the curtain for me) about what I wanted today's blog to be about (mom - does that today's need an apostrophe? Me thinks so but I'm not sure). I also had a chance to run through my prayer list in my head (I DO still have photographic memory - AHA! Something I was sure was lost since baby brain set in circa 2008). This is literally a little handwritten list I started the first weekend I was back to work AH (after Huck). I keep it in this book (the one on the left - Jesus Calling - a gift from my MIL -- it is fab!! - a daily devotional type):
UPDATE - I can't get the picture to load :( The book is called Jesus Calling, it is leather bound and smells of rich mahogany. Google it. 

Anyway - where was I? The prayer list. This book, and the sheer number of patients/family/friends/self/sweet little babies with endless lists of health issues that show up on my FB feed, has sparked in me the need for this. I'm trying to do as this book - Jesus Calling - suggests - offering up plenty of thanks!! to Him too while I'm asking and begging and asking and bribing... and thanking Him for the things he has already set in motion and granted that we don't even know about yet. So Mack thinks I'm ignoring him (I CANNOT for the life of me get interested in Plants vs. Zombies.) but really I'm like shhh I have fifty more names. Sometimes when I have time I get very detailed in my prayers for these people, sometimes it's like God, you heard me last night, You know what I want. Thanks. :) Some names have gotten crossed off already - as it gets long and I think said person is through the worst of it, etc. So ha! you may not even know you're being prayed for!! And in all seriousness, these books are good (the other one is 52 Things Kids Need From A Mom) - read them when you have time - which is why the Mom book took me a year+ (If I had known Huck was going to take THREE inductions, I would have brought it with me. But then again, at that point I was pretty much cursing that I had to be the mom in our little fam. Back to feeling pretty lucky that I get to be!)

Also - another potentially life changing thought I had this morning - short story long (that's usually how it goes with me). I have a thing where I tend to keep things I really like "for good" - favorite kind of candy - or the good colors - get saved for last and eaten by child. Boo. Favorite jeans get saved for the best nights out and then best night out comes and jeans do not fit. Bah. So anyway, got out of shower, was sorting through my sock drawer - LOOOOVE new, soft socks. Just got some a couple weeks ago... First I picked up the new socks and then I was like nah, I will wear them tomorrow when I get to go shopping WITHOUT ANY BOYS!! But then I thought - shouldn't every day be the good sock day?! (I know - I'm very deep. Try to stay with me.) Mack Marshall, for instance, ONLY wears his good, soft, favorite cushy socks. Basically will not wear any socks that have ever been laundered. He gets it. And my feet feel SO good!! (Peppermint oil included, THAT is a whole nother blog.)

So that's it for today, Huck is up from his nap. Never fear if you wanted to hear more about the boys - I'm sure most of mine will be in the usual style of my children are the behaved in all the land. Bare with me through all that - because sometimes I'll let me peek through ;)

Have a great day!

Also - if you don't hear from us for awhile, it's (apostrophe? dang I hate that.) because they are drawing for the HGTV Dream Home winner today, and I have every reason to believe that I have won - I only missed 5 entry days. So we'll be off to Lake Tahoe after they ambush-style notify me of my winnings within the next week. Where we shall stay until the property taxes eat us alive and my mom says she doesn't want to keep our children anymore. Come visit us!