Friday, March 14, 2014


TGIF - Thank you dear, dear Lord, it is Friday. Friday means Mack is in school. Mack is in school = a little peace and Pinterest time around here! Truth be told, I could probably do with a little less pinterest time, because it makes me do stuff like this --- a week or two ago Jordan's sister pinned this- "Moon Sand. Just 8 Cups Of Flour And 1 Cup Of Baby Oil, Really Soft And Easy To Clean Up." Yeah. So two minutes later, I have my big, bright green Tupperware container full of Moon Sand. (and, thank you Andrea, I have not been able to bake since -- blessing?? --- 8 cups of flour pretty much wipes out even an avid baker like me's supply.) Kids are thrilled - it smells like baby heaven, and I tell them they can play with it on the vinyl floor in the basement. Two minutes after that I text Andrea and my sister "DO. NOT. make Moon Sand unless you want to lose your ever-lovin' mind." Wish I had a picture. Zeke really went to town with Moon Sand. But true to claim, it was easy to clean up. With a vacuum. And a washing machine.

Tomorrow marks my bi-monthly Target trip. (Cheated and went twice already this month-- once "just for formula" and came out with a VCR - so even Jordan got supleyed (that's his word, not mine. I believe it is a wrestling move) by the money-trap that is Target. Ha!) Target is my best ever, ever, ever, ever. Not even their mega breach has slowed me down (Boo Target!). Their stuff is cute! They have Starbucks!! (swoooon- mentally preparing email to CEO of Starbucks to feel them out about putting one up in Edgewood in the old feedmill... surely the closest one being 50+ minutes away is reason enough!) They have mango smoothies (have you had one? Oh please do.) and popcorn (Zeke loves himself some popcorn) at their food court (food court? snack center? place where I take my kids to eat so we don't have to embarrass ourselves at a restaurant AND make yet another stop?). Target is basically the best. And those little tricksters know it! Since they came out with Cartwheel (tell me you use this.) I'm even more addicted. Basically it boils down to that they have raised their prices (yes. they did. it's true.) and then give you a  certain % off by using Cartwheel. It keeps a rolling track of how much you have "saved" and gives you a big fat pat on the back for hitting savings milestones. The last time I was there a husband and wife were having this conversation in the diaper and wipes isle and I just wanted to say SHHH You are ruining this for me! She even knew the exact prices of what the wipes had been vs. what they are now (signs of being a super shopper like me!)... And so I know all of this and yet I just can't help but try to out save my self. I am thisclose to saving $100 with Cartwheel. Tomorrow is the day. Darn you Target! (Yes, all savings has probably been spent at Starbucks. THEY don't have Cartwheel. Bah.)

And now a kid update. Huck has had the wheezys again so he is on nebs and a steroid. Char (Char Sauer of RFH) told me to get mean and give him his nebs thru the intended mask (sometimes I do, sometimes I just blow it in his face....) So yes, it works best but I have to sing Patty Cake literally 100 times while I do it so he doesn't scream and throw his head back and forth... and it is hard to say "mark it with an H!" Should have thought of that when we named him I guess. So I go through the whole extended family in Patty Cake and then he's done. Repeat every 4-6 hours as needed. And the steroids are making little brotha hungry! I can tell that he thinks that the applesauce is sour as hell but he is like whatever! I'm hungry! and eats it anyway. I wonder if I'm on a steroid and I don't even know it?!

Zeke. Oh Zekey. The sweetest little boy ever. Forever in my heart, forever in diapers. No interest whatsoever. Drives Jordan crazy, but I'm like meh, this way I don't have to run him to the potty every ten minutes!! Probably this summer he'll learn it is fun to pee outside and then we'll be done. And heck - with Cartwheel, diapers are 5% off! :)

Mack Marshall. Bless his skinny little heart. For years (5 to be exact), he would wear nothing but sweat pants... Doesn't matter, but on occasion I thought it might be nice for him to wear jeans. All it took was telling him that Jordan wears jeans every day and now you can't get the kid in sweats! Next I'm going to tell him that Jordan takes naps every day too!!

So that's it this week.. Had anticipated this being a thing I do every Tues. and Fri. when Mack is at school, but I lead a pretty boring life. Will try harder. Have a great weekend! (I would as well, but I work this weekend. Nights. Boo! But I guess it supports my Target habit.)

I also didn't win the HGTV contest. Thought Lake Tahoe looked boring anyway. Sob.

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